Why choose Skin Repair?

If just one of these boxes applies to you, then Skin Repair is the skincare for you. 

homepage tickThis is why your Skin will LOVE Skin Repair.

Signature ‘skin similar’ formulation: Skin Repair is free from additives like preservatives, perfume, mineral oils, emulsifiers, amines, dyes and silicones. It helps protect the skin and replenishes the acid mantle preventing infection, making Skin Repair the number 1 choice for the care of sensitive, reactive or dry skin.

No Emulsifiers: Emulsifiers are now known to upset the skin’s natural barrier, and with long term use your skin can become sensitive and reactive. This will lead to red, dry, spotty and overly sensitive skin; and have also been known to trigger eczema like reactions.

Plant and natural based ingredients: The naturally occurring skin loving agents found in plants like avocados, coconuts and horsetail, not only have individual skin nurturing, protecting and repair qualities but naturally mimic the skins composition.

Skin Repair is one of the very few product ranges on the market specially formulated for problem and sensitive skin; it provides effective skin barrier repair qualities whilst using natural and skin similar ingredients. Using elements and compounds from plants and nature, Skin Repair works with your skin’s natural processes to provide the best care there is.