The Importance of your Skin Barrier

Not so long ago I introduced you to Corneotherapy, the theory that the Skin Repair line is based on. Understanding Corneotherapy will make you understand your skin conditions and give you the tools to aid in treating it successfully. Corneotherapy works on skins with:
• Rosacea
• Sensitive
• Redness
• Eczema
• Rashes
• Inflammation
• Premature ageing.

The need for a healthy skin barrier applies to everyone, even YOU!

What is the Skin Barrier?
The skin barrier is your skin’s first line of defense, the outside world is full of sins such as pollution, UV, dirt and bacteria which the skin needs protecting from.
The Science Bit
The Stratum Corneum is the top layer of skin that the outside world comes into contact with. It is made up of corneocyte cells which interlock with each other forming vertical columns of 6 – 10 cells. They are embedded within a lipid bilayer (oil) to form the stratum corneum. Even if biologically dead they remain an active part in the skin’s health. Change the
The corneocyte cell layer can absorb three times its weight in water, but if its water content drops below 10% it becomes rigid and cracks. A loss of water and lack of the lipid bilayers your skin will become incredibly porous meaning water can leak out at an increased rate whilst irritants can work their way in. A lack of water and oil causes dryness and a whole heap of problems whilst irritants can cause an inflammation in the lower layer of skin and appear as sensitivity and all of the above concerns.

Healthy Barrier = Healthy Skin = Healthy Human!

The Roof Analogy
Imagine the skin is similar to a broken roof in disrepair and this causes leaks in to your house and many other symptoms due to the lack of protection the roof should give.


How medicinal topical and oral products work:
Most topical and very few oral drugs will treat the symptom. Some topical drugs can even cause further skin damage. If we compare this to our broken roof, temporary tarpaulin will not fix your problem and if left for a long time could cause additional damage to the entire house. Medicinal products are like a mop, they will clear the water up but never fix the broken roof. Various topical drugs have been proven to cause more damage.
How over the counter products work:
Barrier products with emulsifiers (typical of most products), petroleum, mineral oils and silicones will all form a temporary barrier quite similar to covering your broken roof with tarpaulin. Although it is a quick fix to the problem, if a huge gust of wind came, there would still be a problem! In the long term some of the ingredients in barrier repair creams have shown not to repair but cause more damage. The majority of medical or over the counter never actually treat the cause.
We this is the Skin Repair point of difference. We aid in helping the cause by Repairing the Roof. Will skin similar ingredients this gives us the tools to:
1. Repair damage to the barrier
2. Strengthen the barrier
3. Protect the barrier from further damage
The only thing to keep in mind is as you only know so well mending a roof can take time and depending on how much damage has been done, you do have to be patient and let the go through the processes naturally.