The truth about face wipes

The use of make-up and cleansing wipes are common among the lazy of us. Those who don’t have the time to spend a little time extra taking off make-up after work or simply cant be bothered. Research suggests that we could be doing more harm than good, especially so with long term use.

Tell tale signs that wipes are bad:

  • Face cleansing wipes tend to have a shelf-life of three years! For a beauty product to last that long it must be packed with preservatives – chemicals that can deteriorate your skin barrier.
  • They actually do not provide your skin with an adequate clean and they don’t help to loosen dead skin cells which leads to dull, dry skin that wont absorb skin creams.
  • The chemicals in them can actually cause black heads in some skin conditions.
  • It encourages lazy skin care which in the long run, your skin wont thank you for.
  • Contain high levels of emulsifiers and surfuctants which further dry the skin out
  • High alcohol levels can leave sensitive skins dry, itchy and may even sting!

So, next time you reach for the face wipes, thing about your future skin!