How does Skin Repair Help Acne?

Skin Repair only use ingredients that will work with a problem skin not against it. By using Skin Repair it will take down the redness and irritation of the skin, it works on healing the inflammation and can over time lessen the amount of spots.

Skin Repair products are free from colourants, fragrance, preservatives, silicones and mineral oils all of which can further aggravate irritation and inflammation.

acne-largweCleanse Me: Perfect for your everyday cleanse, offering gentle yet powerful cleansing. Cleanse Me gently lifts away dirt and excess oil without disturbing the skins natural oils. This product is ideal for young girls and women.

Wash Me: Wash Me provides a gel cleansing action that will removal of excess oil whilst keeping natural oils intact. Ideal for male acne and teenage skins.

Soothe Me: Our corrective toner will calm and restore the skin of its natural oils whilst soothing reddened, blemished skins with impurities. This product can be used as a cleanser for young teenage skin and follow with Hydrate Me. If you wear make-up then a pre-cleanse with ‘Wash Me’ or ‘Cleanse Me’ is advised.

Moisturise Me: Light, yet rich in naturally active skin nourishing and repairing ingredients. Our specially formulated moisturiser regenerates the skin, without making it oily and less prone to a wide range of problems and imbalances. We advise this for men and women over the age of 20.

Hydrate Me: Hydrate Me is a feather-light, face spray which quenches thirsty skin without appearing greasy. Added Olive, Coconut and Avocado oil nourish the skin whilst skin similar ingredients help to re-build the skin barrier. A high oil content also helps to repair and impaired barrier. We advise this for pre teens and teenagers.


All forms of acne are caused by changes in pilosebaceous units. This is a skin structure consisting of a hair follicle and its associated sebaceous gland. This explains why acne most commonly effects areas with sebaceous follicles including the face, chest and back.

Acne and spots regime

All too often, people think all acne is produced from oily skin but in many cases it is caused by dried out skin. Acne can be classified as either dry acne (Acne Tarda) or wet/oily acne. When the natural lipidic balance of the skin is out of shape, the skin produces an over-abundance of sebum.  Simple mistakes such as over stripping the skin with harsh beauty products can send the sebaceous gland into overdrive.

No Emulsifiers

Emulsifiers are used in most modern skin care products. They combine fat and water substances into a cream preventing separation of oil and water. Unfortunately, they have a wash out affect in the skin, dissolving ingredients of creams along with the natural skin oils out of the skin. As you wash the face, more skin oils are being removed and will become drier with the skin barrier becoming impaired.

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