How does Skin Repair work on Ageing skin?

As you get older your skin changes; its structure changes and the amount of oil and collagen you produce decreases.

Your skin care regime also needs to change, your skin has different needs. Oily skin and spots might have given way to sensitive skin and redness, it is important to recognise what your skin is like now and what its new concerns are.


Skin Repair is ideal for ageing skin. Not only are our products free from the 4 main irritants contained in skin cares, but they also contain all the things your skin needs to keep it healthy and strong.

Typically your skin contains

  1. Phospholipdis
  2. Ceramide
  3. Sqaulane
  4. Triglycerides
  5. Cholesterols

And it is vital that as your body slows down production of these things you replenish them.

Skin Repair contains

  1. Phospholipids from Soya
  2. Ceramides from Yeast
  3. Squalane from Olives
  4. Triglycerides from Coconut
  5. Sterols from Shea nut

What Can I Do?

It is never too late to start looking after your skin, and our Anti Ageing Starter kit contains everything you need to get started. A gentle cleaner that will not strip your skin, a skin similar moisturiser and Boost Me a light serum which is packed full of the vitamins and antioxidents your skin needs.

Skin Repair’s skin similar ingredients work with the skin’s natural oils thus preventing the loss of volume and plumpness. They also provide the skin with effective, vitamins and antioxidants to slow down the ageing process.

But that is not all Skin Repair products are also free from colourants, fragrances, preservatives, emulsifiers, silicones and mineral oils all of which can slow down the self-regenerating capability of the skin.

What Should I Use?

Cleanse Me: As the skin gets older, natural oils reduce so its important to use a cleanser that doesn’t strip the oils that are left in the skin. Cleanse Me gently lifts away dirt and excess oil without disturbing the skins natural oils. Our cleansing milk incorporates skin similar ingredients to re-build the skin barrier in a simple 1-step regime.

Boost Me: Boost Me contains a powerhouse of advanced vitamins A, C, E, provitamin B5 and Vitamin F all of which are essential for anti-ageing. Added skin similar ingredients shield your skin from environmental and lifestyle ageing factors.

Moisturise Me: Light, yet rich in naturally active skin nourishing and repairing ingredients. Our specially formulated moisturiser uses skin similar ingredients to rebuild the skin barrier and hydrate the skin.

You might also consider

Calm Me: Our corrective toner will instantly reduce redness and helps to calm the skin. It also works with the skin’s natural components to restore natural oils that are reduced as we age. Mature skins that suffer with the occasional breakout; spray on to the affected area to reduce inflammation.

 Ageing and Premature Ageing

As you age your skin changes and so should the products you use on the skin. The main thing to remember is, the production of oil changes and so does your body’s ability to produce collagen. Unfortunately we can’t stop our biological clocks but what we can do is slow down the process and keep ourselves looking younger for longer.

No Emulsifiers

Emulsifiers are used in most modern skin care products. They combine fat and water substances into a cream preventing separation of oil and water. Unfortunately, they have a wash out affect in the skin, dissolving ingredients of creams along with the natural skin oils out of the skin. As you wash the face, more skin oils are being removed and will become drier with the skin barrier becoming impaired.

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