When you become ill, the immune system diverts its full power to try and fight off the nasty infection. This often results in dry sensitive skin.

Furthermore, certain medication and therapies can aggravate pre existing skin concerns and make them arise.

Often all you want is a hug; your skin is no different.

Skin Repair can give your skin that little bit of TLC when it needs it.
Our products are gentle and because of their source; Coconut, Olive, Shea Nut and formulation, they are similar to the skin. It is like putting on a second skin to give yours a hug.

Cancer Skin Care

For most people the worst illness they will ever get is Cancer. Please read how Skin Repair can help with the detrimental effects of Chemotherapy and Radiation Therapy, as well as being a safe skincare to use during your cancer treatment.

A recent survey suggests, nearly 80% of cancer patients were concerned about the actual skin effects they experienced as a result of their treatment and how those side effects affected their quality of life.

We know that active cancer treatments can cause or exasperate a number of skin changes including extreme dryness, inflammation, sensitivity and irritation. So to help the skin at this delicate time it is important to introduce a skin care that is safe and free from unnecessary or harmful additives.


Free From…….

We talk about harmful chemicals and free from products but what should you be looking for?


Free From Emulsifiers

Most of the skincare on the market is created with emulsifiers. This chemical binds oil and water together. Whilst many brands are trying to incorporate less harmful emulsifiers, Skin Repair excludes them entirely. The reason for this is that emulsifiers work in a similar way to detergents and tend to stay on the skin after product use. This becomes a problem when you apply water to the skin again. It reactivates the emulsifier which binds the water and oils from your skin causing dryness.

Free From Preservatives and Perfumes

These additives must be avoided at all costs! Not only can they help to break down the skin barrier but if the skin barrier is already weak due to cancer treatment, the products will penetrate into the deeper skin layers and cause an inflammatory reaction which shows up as irritation and sensitivity. They also add nothing to your cream other than to make it smell nice, often to mask other smells, or to make it last longer on the shelf, and cheaper to make.

Free From Mineral Oils/ Petrolium

Your body does not recognise Mineral Oils and so it will not absorb into your skin. Mineral Oils sit on the surface and form a barrier stopping everything getting in or out. Your skin needs to breathe as it acts as a gate not a fence. Plant oils are more suitable for the body as the skin will recognise and be able to metabolise them, thereby helping to strengthen and support the skin barrier.






Skin Repair provides the purest and safest, ‘skin similar’ line available today. Not only is it one of the first emulsifier free ranges but it also excludes other chemicals like preservatives, fragrances, mineral oil and more which can potentially worsen symptoms. Its gentle and caring formulation is specifically formulated to target the detrimental effects of Cancer and cancer treatment on the skin.

Probably the most important weapon in your skin care arsenal, like breakfast if you start off correctly then then rest will fall into place.
Overwashing is the cause of many skin complaints, it removes too much of the skins vital natural oils, leaving it dry and itchy; remember that tight feeling after washing is not just clean it is stripped bare.

Our Cleanse Me is a gentle facial cleansing milk that will removes the grease and grime of the day without stripping all your protective oil away.

A face cream suitable for sensitive skin, it contains only what your skin needs, and none of the nasty chemicals that will aggravate it. Go to the Moisturise Me product page and check out the ingredients, we doubt you will find a better cream.

Moisturise Me will help to moisturise and strengthen your skin enabling it to deal with the skin irritations brought on by your illness and its treatment.

A must have product for everybody. This balm can be used on any part of the body, soothing cracked skin without stinging. It provides a breathable barrier for areas that need intense hydration giving an extra boost to very dry and chaffed areas. This is especially good for hand foot syndrome or to protect the skin against the ravages of the wind and cold.

A super moisturiser that can be used as a body cream or on the face if it need something stronger than Moisturise Me. This cream contains Urea which will help to ease the itching so many people suffer from, caution should be taken using this product on broken skin.

A spray that will soothe itching, calm down redness and bring some balance back to your skin. It can be used as a toner after cleansing or as a standalone product during the day as needed.

If your skin is very dry you may have been advised to not bath very often because of the drying effects of water on your skin. BATHE ME is the answer, added to your bath this unique bath oil will turn the water milky and your bath into a luxurious moisturising treatment.
After bathing with BATHE ME your skin will feel softer and more hydrated.

You will already know that normal soaps and most gels have a drying effect on your skin. Replace them with Shower Me which uses gentle sugar tensides to keep your body clean without stripping all the oil away. Use it on your hair and body and as a replacement to normal soaps.

A feather light face and body spray for dehydrated skin. It works well layered on top of other products or as a quick and easy way to top up hydration throughout the day.

A moisturising toner that will reduce redness and calm irritation. Use it after Cleanse Me or as pick me up during the day.


Cancer itself is hard on the body. Although it may not have a direct correlation with skin concerns, it can weaken the immune system preventing the body from naturally repairing itself as well as it should. It is known that some cancers can induce itching. As the immune system is working at a slower rate it may be more difficult for the body to fight these allergens and could lead to irritation, rashes and erythema.

Radiotherapy causes a number of effects including decreased sebum, degradation of collagen and a disturbed barrier function which effects TEWL (Trans Epidermal Water Loss). These effects will show as dryness, sensitivity, redness, and sunburn like patches on the skin. Radiotherapy most often causes skin problems on the area of skin that the radiotherapy is applied, or on the opposite side where the radiation exits the body.

Chemotherapy involves a multitude of different effects on the skin. Its main purpose is to damage fast growing tumour cells but at the same time it also targets fast growing healthy cells. This therefore causes a breakdown of the skin barrier and an increased risk of infections as the immune system is also being targeted. As the skin barrier breaks down, it increases chances of irritation, sensitivity and more. It also causes photosensitivity and related symptoms like pigmentation.

Hand-Foot Syndrome
This is a common condition where the skin on your hands and feet may become sore, red and may peel. You may also have tingling, numbness, pain and dryness. If left untreated, many of these symptoms can worsen and become difficult to treat.