Does Skin Repair Alleviate Eczema symptoms?

Skin Repair is the skincare for Eczema skin it contains everything the skin needs and nothing to upset it.

Skin Repair products are free from colourants, fragrance, preservatives, silicones and mineral oils all of which can further aggravate irritation and sensitivity and slow down the self-regenerating capability of the skin.

New Eczema Pack 250 x 298

For The Face:

Cleanse Me: Perfect for your everyday cleanse, offering gentle yet powerful cleansing.Cleanse Me gently lifts away dirt and excess oil without disturbing the skins natural oils. Our cleansing milk incorporates skin similar ingredients to re-build the skin barrier a simple and easy to use cleansing milk that will not upset the most reactive skins.

Moisturise MeLight, yet rich in naturally active skin nourishing and repairing ingredients. Our specially formulated moisturiser contains natural moisturising properties derived from plants to deal with the dryness associated with Eczema. It’s skin similar ingredients build up the skin barrier to work towards lessening symptoms.

For The Body

All Over Me: Packed with soothing evening primrose oil, All Over Me will lessen the itch in Eczema skins. Vitamin F and shea butter will help to restore the natural skin barrier and luxuriously moisturise dry skin. Packed with high levels of essential fatty acids that the skin doesn’t naturally make to hydrate extremely dehydrated skin.

Shower Me: It’s important when cleansing eczema skin not to  harm the skin or increase dryness Shower me does not contain any harsh surfactants to upset the skin.  With added orange oil has antibacterial properties to wash the skin in an incredibly gentle way.

Bathe Me: Bubble bath and shower gels can further irritate eczema whilst hard water can detach loose and scaled skin from the body, causing sores. Bathe Me leaves a layer of oil on the skin keeping it intact and preventing water evaporation. Added Vitamin E and plant oils will hydrate at the same time.

Repair Me: Our wonder balm is an all-purpose, 100% plant oil repair and prevent product. Blended with Avocado, Coconut, Sunflower and Jojoba Oils to provide naturally occurring hydration and to soften eczema scales. It also works brilliantly on sore skin and wounds caused by scratching.


Eczema is a general term for many types of non-contagious types of skin inflammation, irritation and dryness. Its main form is skin rashes and lesions that are incredible itchy and can become sore.

new eczemaDry skin results from lack of water in the outer layer of skin cells known as the stratum corneum. When this layer becomes dehydrated it loses its flexibility and becomes cracked, scaly and sometimes itchy. Water is retained in the stratum corneum by a surface film of natural oil which slow down evaporation of water from the skin surface. As we know, the skin isn’t always working in full order (see Skin Sins) and this can lead onto symptoms of Eczema.

We know it is difficult to believe that your Eczema can be controlled. Skin Repair has been devised to keep your skin barrier hydrated and protected. Scientific research has proven that if you strengthen the skins natural barrier the way Mother Nature intended then the skin can work at 100%.

No Emulsifiers

Emulsifiers are used in most modern skin care products. They combine fat and water substances into a cream preventing separation of oil and water. Unfortunately, they have a wash out affect in the skin, dissolving ingredients of creams along with the natural skin oils out of the skin. As you wash the face, more skin oils are being removed and will become drier with the skin barrier becoming impaired.

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