Will Skin Repair Improve My Rosacea? 

Rosacea is known to be linked to an over active innate immune system which makes your skin sensitive and reactive to just about everything that touches it, your lifestyle, even the weather!

It goes hand in hand with Sensitivity and their care is often the same.

  1. Remove triggers and causes of reactions that you know and can remove.
  2. Soothe, strengthen, and build up your skin barrier to make it better able to deal with the triggers you cannot avoid.

One of your triggers might be the skin care you are using. You might have been using the same skin care for years with no reaction. It is not uncommon; for most people it is the cumulative effect that causes the trouble.

The 4 main irritants contained in skin care are:

Skin Repair does not contain any of these.

Skin Repair only contains ingredients that work with the skin.

  • Triglycerides from Coconut
  • Squalane from Olives
  • Ceramides from Yeast
  • Phospholipids from Soybeans

All these ingredients are found in your skin already, and this ensures that our creams are recognised by your skin, making them highly tolerated by even the most sensitive and reactive skins.

Skin Repair will keep your Rosacea under control by strengthening and building the skin and making your skin barrier stronger to prevent everything around it from upsetting it.

What Can I Do?

Our Rosacea/ Sensitive Skin Pack contains everything that you will need to start helping your skin.

A gentle cleanser that will not strip your delicate skin of precious and protective oils, a toner to calm your skin, and finally a moisturiser to replenish your skin with vital water and oils that your skin will metabolise.

Skin Repair is the product for Rosacea Skin.  Try it you will not be sorry.

Our Rosacea kit contains the three essential products to fight symptoms of sensitivity.


New Sensitive Pack 250 x 298

Cleanse Me: Our gentle milk cleanser is ideal for your everyday cleanse lifting excess oils and dirt. It is important to preserve the skin barrier and acid mantle in Rosacea skins and Cleanse me does just this. Our complex skin similar ingredients help to re-build the skin barrier.

Calm Me: Spray away the symptoms of redness and sensitivity with Calm Me. Added Horsetail helps to soothe, calm and reduce irritation.

Moisturise Me: Our must have moisturiser regenerates the skin, making it less prone to a wide range of problems and imbalances.Light, yet rich in naturally active skin nourishing and repairing ingredients. Our specially formulated moisturiser regenerates the skin, making it less prone to a wide range of problems and imbalances.

You might want to add

Hydrate Me: A feather light formulation packed with skin loving and hydrating ingredients. It’s high oil content also helps to rebuild the skins barrier. This is the ideal moisturiser for rosacea and irritated skins that prefer light moisturisation and can also be used as a boost on top of Moisturise Me.

 Rosacea and Sensitive Skin – A Few Facts

Rosacea, or sensitive skin, affects so many people and more often than not, those with a paler complexion.

There are many signs and symptoms of rosacea with symptoms worsening with different stages of the condition. Initially some blushing and slight redness will appear on the cheeks, nose, forehead and chin. As the condition progresses, symptoms typically worsen to include constant redness of the nose and cheeks. Small blood vessels begin to show up and increased redness indicates collagen loss which in turn leaves the skin thin and weak. An impaired and broken down skin barrier is also apparent.

No Emulsifiers

Emulsifiers are used in most modern skin care products. They combine fat and water substances into a cream preventing separation of oil and water. Unfortunately, they have a wash out affect in the skin, dissolving ingredients of creams along with the natural skin oils out of the skin. As you wash the face, more skin oils are being removed and will become drier with the skin barrier becoming impaired.

For more information on Rosacea Skin, click this link to head to Miss Repair’s blog