Rosacea is an inflammatory skin disorder with no known cure .A Rosacea skin is now known to be an over active innate immune disorder. This means the skin will  become sensitive, reactive  to all most any thing that touches it or even things you eat or drink even the weather can upset a Rosacea skin. Skin Repair will keep your Rosacea under control by  strengthening  and building the skin and making your skin barrier stronger to prevent everything around it from upsetting it.

Skin Repair does not contain any emulsifiers, preservatives or perfumes they will irritate your skin. Skin Repair only contains ingredients that work with the skin.

Cleanse Me is strong enough to remove make up but gentle enough to be used on sensitive skin.

There is no need to use Cleanse Me twice a day, unless of course you wear make up to bed.

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Sensitive Pack 150 x 150