┬áSkin Sins – Illness

When you are sick, it is hard to think about any of your beauty routines. The effects of an illness on your skin can be detrimental to its appearance and health. Not only this, but illness can have an effect on your immune system which in turn plays havoc with the skin and pre-existing skin concerns. Anything from the common cold to serious illnesses like cancer can all have their own effect.

Cold and Flu

Commonly, colds and flu show signs of redness, dryness especially around the nose, mouth and eyes are. This is caused by both immune function and repetitive blowing and wiping away symptoms. Lower immune defence can also causes rashes and irritations.

cold and flu miss repair

Viral Infections

Rashes and irritations often arise with viral infections. They tend to appear as a very bright red blotch or as small bumps and are commonly very itchy. It is important to check that the rash is not part of a more serious infections otherwise, it should be quite simple to treat.



Cancer as an illness can already reap havoc with the skin. As your body is busy trying to fight cancer, it can be less helpful trying to repair and protect other aspects of the body, including the skin. The main cause of skin concerns during cancer is due to treatment a patient may be undergoing.