Teenage Acne

Less is more with Teenage skins, you are going through some phenomenal changes and your skin is showing these, what works one day may not work the next, and you need to be aware that many things will affect your skin, diet, hormones, mood etc. the list is endless.

Help is here

By using Skin Repair’s skin similar products you can start to build up a healthy skin that will last a lifetime.

Common misconceptions about Teenage skin

  1. My skin needs scrubbing to remove all the oil.
    NO you need to remove the excess and keep your skin clean but over stripping will just cause more problems.
  2. Blackheads are dirt
    NO Blackheads are oxidised sebum (your natural oil) and in themselves are not a problem they are just unsightly, by gently cleansing and strengthening your skin we can reduce the number of blackheads you have.
  3. My skin is oily I do not need to moisturise
    NO – even though your body is going into overdrive in its sebum production your still need a light moisturiser to help strengthen your skin barrier, as silly as it seems this will actually help in the regularisation of your bodies sebum production.

Teenage Pack 150 x150