Why the Skin needs Dermaviduals 

The skin on our face and neck suffers more daily insults than the rest of the skin, dealing with the effects of outside elements, topical solutions and us touching fiddling and poking it. These insults can upset the skin  barrier function, if the barrier function is not working at 100% it will not  protect us from ourselves and the lives we live. Dermaviduals will repair the negative effects of life. Choosing the correct skin care for your skin  is vital for a healthy happy skin. Understanding the relationship your skin has with your skin care, is the first step to you knowing what is  the correct skin care for you.

The Barrier Functions of the Skin are:

The Acid Mantel: Is a very fine and slightly acidic film on the surface of the skin. Its main function is as an external barrier to defend against bacteria and fungi. If this layer is disturbed the skin will be under attack. Skin Repair has no hash surfactants to upset or disturb your skin’s acid mantel. 

The Corneocyte Cell: Is the last layer of the epidermis call the Stratum Corneum the layer we touch. The Corneocyte is a strong and healthy cell providing protection. It has around 5 to 10 layers on the face and neck and each layer sits on a water oil substance called the bilayers. Skin Repair will prevent the build up of too many corneocytes and keep the skin strong and healthy. 

The Bilayers: Live in-between each layer of the corneocyte cell,they are synthesis of the epidermal lipids, which consist mainly of ceramides (40%), free fatty acids (25%) and cholesterol (25%). The bilayers give the skin its protection from the outside elements it keeps the skin soft supple and strong. Skin Repair mimics the natural oils of your bilayers keeping the skin soft and supple. 

bilayersThese three functions act as the skin barrier defence system, if the defence system has been compromised the skin will feel under attack and react accordingly.This will result in a red, reactive, sensitive, dry, ageing skin.

Formulation of Skin Repair

Skin Repair is a new formulation in skincare working with new scientific research, Skin Repair will give the skin vital nutrients to strengthen the bilayers and keep the acid mantel at its correct PH.


formulationDermaviduals pulls elements and compounds from plants and nature and advances them with science to replicate processes and components already occurring in the skin.  The range pushes the boundaries of science to create a delivery system like no other and also make use, or rather not make use, of ingredients that are detrimental to the skin.

Applying Dermaviduals  gives the skin, skin similar ingredients, (ceramides, triglyceride and phospholipids)  everything the skin wants and nothing to upset it. This enables the skin to do as Mother Nature intended. Protecting you from the outside elements thus stopping the skin from feeling it is under attack this in turn stops the skin reacting

No Emulsifiers

Dermaviduals is one of the very few creams on the market that does not contain emulsifiers. Emulsifiers are known to upset the lipid bilayers of the skin, which in the long term can cause unwanted skin conditions.

emulsifiersDermaviduals  products are free from:

• Preservatives and Parabens – will  not be accepted by the skin and can cause irritations

• Perfumes – should be restricted to the skin’s surface only and avoided in creams, which penetrate into the skin. They are the number one cause of irritation of the skin

• Mineral oils – have blocking effects and prevent the skin from producing its own protective substances

• Emulsifiers – help to destroy the composition of the skin barrier