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It is NOT what’s IN Dermaviudals, it’s what is NOT IN dermaviudals  that is important.

All Moisturisers are a mixture of Oil and Water, and skincare companies need a method of mixing these two ingredients into a stable product for you to use. It has to be cheap because by the time they have paid for the celebrity endorsement and marketing campaign they still want to make some profit.

The problem is that the chemical they use is something that causes problems to many people, and I am guessing that if you have read this far you are one of them.

The chemical is called an emulsifier, and it act in a similar way as your washing up liquid acts, it binds water and oil together.

Emulsifier Free – You heard it here first!

Skin Repair is one of the first skin care lines in the UK to be Emulsifier Free.


Are Emulsifier Bad?

Yes and it has been proved, in a study published in 1999.
Emulsifiers disrupt and deplete the natural oils in your skin, making it dryer and more prone to irritation.

A Safer Alternative; Phospholipids?

Phospholipids are in every cell, and they are what your body uses to produce your lipid bilayers (that is the oily part of your skin).Skin Repair is unique in its formulation and has used natural phospholipids as a safer alternative to using a synthetic emulsifier.
Phospholipids are an element of every cell membrane, and so their use makes them instantly recognisable to the skin. They are also high in Omega 3 and 6, which the skin needs.
These Phospholipids, ours is derived from soybeans, are not cheap however, which is why you will not find them in mass market products.

Why Phospholipids?

  • Are a natural component of all living cell membranes, this makes our products similar to your skin.
  • They provide the skin with Essential Fatty Acids; Linoleic Acid and Linolenic Acid (Omega 3 and 6 ).
  • They are renowned for their ability to maintain skin health.
  • They are highly tolerated by the skin.
  • Effective in the prevention of many skin disorders.
  • Strengthens and restores the skin barrier function.
  • Mimics the skin lipid structure and have the perfect affinity to the skin.

Who Can Dermaviduals Help?

  • For any Sensitive, Rosacea, Eczema, Psoriasis, or Dry Skin.
  • Skins that have been damaged by Cortisones or Steroids.
  • Skin that has reacted to drugs.
  • Safe for as a cancer skin care.
  • Skins suffering the effects of radiation and chemotherapy.
  • Skin conditions cause by a disturbed skin barrier.

What Else?

It is not just Phospholipids, the skin is made up of:

  1. Ceramide
  2. Squalane
  3. Triglycerides
  4. Cholesterol

Dermaviduals contains

  1. Ceramides from Yeast
  2. Squalane from Olives
  3. Triglycerides from Coconuts
  4. Sterols From Shea Nuts

This is why at dermaviduals we say:

Dermavduals  inspired by Mother Nature, made by Scientists